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Faithfulness and commitment revives your trust in a relationship. Colour sky blue. You are vibrant, alive and flowering with energy today and life is full of possibilities! You are in harmony with existence and showered with blessings from everywhere. You share bliss and inner riches to add a special quality to your work and relationships. Lucky number 5. Colour green. Your winning strategy is one of pacific resistance rather than dynamic offensive today.

Aesthetic pursuits are rejuvenating. Business and property matters are settled according to your wishes. You resolve family issues and conflicts with friendly persuasion. Lucky number 4.

Zodiac Signs Dates: 12 Star Signs or Sun Sign Personality Traits

A light and playful approach rather than a heavy, serious attitude in personal and professional situations brings success and happiness today! Be aware, balanced, light and flexible to generate goodwill. Spiritual pursuit and meditation are rewarding. Colour brown. Positive changes in personal and professional matters are on the cards! Marriage or business collaboration is strengthened through understanding and commitment.

January 6 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

You handle two professional projects at the same time successfully. Avoid over indulgence! Lucky number 2. You are gracious when dealing with deceitful factions in the work area.

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The more confident they feel, the more competent they are in their jobs. The more competent they are in the way they do things, the more rewards they get and this makes them feel even more confident. You see how this creates an upward spiral? This feedback loop is the secret to Capricorns born on January 6. If you feel stuck in you career or you feel frustrated with your level of success, you only need to work on triggering this positive feedback loop.

People born on this day are very determined. They can start a project and stick to that project all the way to its resolution. This makes them very trustworthy. Their higher ups can entrust projects to them without fear that this person is going to drop everything because something bigger and better came along. This is especially true when it comes to their relationships.

They will stick to the long haul. Unless they catch their partner cheating on them right in front of them, chances are you cannot shake them off. Now, this might sound like a very commendable trait, but in many cases this level of discipline, trustworthiness, and loyalty can actually burn people born on January 6. You have to remember that there are certain people in this planet you have no business being loyal to. This applies across the board. Choose carefully. Make sure you pick partners that truly deserve you. This extreme loyalty may, on the surface, seem very commendable.

This is a very serious stumbling block, because you might find yourself in toxic relationships that you hang on to for far too long, seriously.

Learn the art of self-preservation. If you find yourself in too many imbalanced relationships, learn to let go. With that said, the earth can also be a trap.

January 6 Capricorn Personality

Mixed with water, the earth can produce mud or quicksand which can lead to death. They let their fear get the better of them. They hang on to toxic relationships for far too long. They hang on to jobs and business prospects that turn out to be a total waste of their loyalty, focus, and energy. Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Geminis are experts communicators known for having two different sides they can display to the world. The strongest stereotype related to Cancer is that they love home, family, and food, but there's a lot more to the crab than that.

January 6 - personality & famous birthdays

An outgoing Fire sign, Sagittarius is sophisticated and intellectual—and known for having a big mouth! Like children, Leos are confident and often feel indestructible.

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Ask a Leo what they think their flaws are, and they'll likely reply, "Nothing. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication, which means that their urge for privacy and introspection doesn't override their desire to communicate. Known for their charisma and diplomacy, Libras are intellectual air signs who seek beauty and justice. Known for their intensity, Scorpios are emotional, stubborn water signs equipped with stingers.

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