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Hence, the mom can follow the names given in this book to select the perfect names for their baby. If you feel those are not interesting, still you have chances to find for the names which are owing to the most popular peoples in the world. However, it is important to care not to follow the same words as it is.

If so, sometimes, it can become a cause for negligence by society. Even though this is a tradition comes from ancient practice, it is not mandatory. But, they will analyse suspicious twenty-seven characters along with lagna and birth date to come into one conclusion about the ideal letters for the name. It is not so.

Once you select an ideal name, there is a chance to go for higher ranks due to the simple pronunciation of it. Not at all. So, never think to practice this other than it is a traditional practice. The birth of a baby is happy news for the parents and also both the families. However, just after receiving this news, they all think about suggesting a name for a newborn. So, here we discussed a few important facts to select an ideal name for your baby along with a book with suggested names.

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Sri Lanka Baby Names - Ariesen Ahubudu

At the time of his untimely death on July 7, at the age of 51 years, he was the uncrowned playback maestro of the Sinhala screen. He was born to the family of H. James and Ahaliyagoda H. Podinona Perera on Feb.

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He was the oldest in a family of five and was a product of St. He had neither pursued music as a subject in his school career nor since his completion of studies. He had the habit of spending his time at tea kiosks or community centres listening to the radio in enjoying the other vocalists as he did not possess a radio set at home. However, his passion for music swept him into the real track. This idol of the common man spoke all three languages, Sinhala, English and Tamil and was born with a sharp tongue for music. He had an advantage over many other playback singers in that he had a stable voice and proper Sinhala diction and more importantly a voice suitable as a playback singer.

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However, he became an essential part of commercial formula films as the playback voice for matinee idols. Artistes, film stars etc. Although 23 years have elapsed since his demise, his songs are still among the most demanded numbers in the hearts and minds of the people of this country. He is an artiste never to be forgotten.

To my knowledge, he was first aligned with Wasantha Sandanayake and G.

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Abeyratne of which music was directed by T. Since then he shot up to the highly competitive field of playback singing through sacrifice, dedication, humility and patience. He reigned in the Sinhala film industry as a playback singer for two decades from to The great musician who sang last with Latha Walpola and enriched the cinema world, also won several awards in recognition of his singing talents. He was interested in being a singer and not an actor.

However, he acted in a number of films and contributed songs to films. Once, the celebrated Indian singer Mohamed Rafi said that Jothipala should have been born in India, as Sri Lanka was too small a country, to enable him to be rocketed into the international sphere. This series was launched in He married Winter - a nurse by profession.

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They had four children. Here are some songs that Jothipala has sang By : Priyantha De Silva. Labels: Features. Post a Comment. Lyrics Search. Subscribe in a reader.

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