Astronomy vs astrology powerpoint

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Astrology: An Introduction

You can use it to guide your choices in life when it comes to big decisions about finances and love. You can use astrology not only to understand yourself but also to choose a career path, too.

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Different personality types are better suited to certain types of work than others. What job is right for your star sign, according to astrology? What career could be better than firefighting for this brave soul?

Egyptian Astronomy

Tarus is the stable and slow-moving bull. Happy to stay put and enjoy life, the bull needs to be prodded into action.

The New Zodiac - Astrology vs Astronomy

A Taurus is happy with constancy and predictability. This means a career in accounting is well-suited to the dependable nature of the Taurus. The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury. This planet is named after the messenger god Mercury, and he is the essence of communication and speed. Any Gemini loves to talk, chat, or converse.

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With this natural desire to communicate, a career in writing is the perfect fit for the mercurial twin. Cancer the Crab is a nurturer. Sensitive and perceptive, this sign is well-suited to a career as a caretaker. The lion is king of the jungle, and that symbol fits the Leo personality. The Leo is the superstar of the Zodiac.

Astrology vs. Astronomy

With a sense of daring, a strong sense of self, and an unimpeachable pride, the Leo is the perfect match for a career in sales. Who could resist buying something from this persuasive and charming fire sign? Virgo the Virgin loves order, cleanliness, and rationality.

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  4. Ruled by Mercury the Communicator, just like Gemini, Virgo wants to pass its understanding of the world on to others. This makes this sign perfectly suited to a career in teaching. Libra is symbolized by the scales — of balance, of justice, of fairness. Libra loves for things to be beautiful and go smoothly. With this interest in everyone getting what is due to them, the Libra is well-suited to a career in law.

    The scorpion is mysterious, deep, and always seeks to understand. Helping others by helping them understand themselves is the right job for this sensitive water sign. The Sagittarius is adventurous and energetic. Symbolized by the Archer, the Sagittarius is always looking higher for accomplishments and goals.

    Daily Motions

    Where next to aim that arrow? The Sagittarius is perfect as a life coach who can tell you where to head next, and has the energy to push you to that level. The goat loves to climb higher and higher. These traits are true of Capricorn the Goat, too, who is ambitious to a fault. Constant challenges appeal to this Zodiac sign.

    The world of information technology offers these challenges. IT offers the Capricorn new challenges daily and a solid career. This sign is symbolized by the water bearer. Water is essential but mutable.

    It helps human life at every turn. What else is like that? Science is a field for creative Aquarian souls who seek understanding but detest boredom and predictability.

    Elements of Astrology

    New challenges and new revelations will keep the Aquarius engaged. The Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac. It is mystical, and all-encompassing. The fish is creative, and multi-faceted. Other Galaxies ppt file - KB Types of galaxies and other known galaxy information. Cosmology ppt file - 1.

    Relativity and other Astronomy Topics pptx file - 2. Heather Watkins. Heather N. My Calendar. Chemistry Lesson Plans. Chemistry Powerpoints. AP Chemistry Lesson Plans. AP Chemistry Powerpoints.