Cancer moon cancer sun compatibility

They are diplomatic and pacifistic to the bone, to say so. They could be amazing ambassadors or representatives of human rights movements or so. Their kind, understanding, empathic and tolerant nature is perhaps the best quality of all Libra Sun Cancer Moon individuals. They are people of friendly and benevolent attitude, easy to talk to and share whatever you want.

They respect people they talk to, never looking at others from above. They are reasonable, but also very imaginative and intuitive. Overall, these are balanced personalities, good friends and great philanthropists. It could happen that they become too emotionally attached to a cause and so emotions cloud their reason.

It is usually related to the idea of justice they so boldly defend. They could get to emotionally involved it, which drains their energy away and makes them irritable.


If anything happens to make them doubt their cause, they feel completely lost and it takes time for them to gather themselves back together. They are so lovely in their attempts to seduce, naturally charming and relaxed. They could make anyone feel as they know them for ages and still surprise them by incredibly romantic gestures. If you want a fairytale prince or a beautiful princess, Libra Sun Cancer Moon is a person for you. They are natural, warm, caring and loving people.

Moon signs reveal what makes people feel loved—so use them to plan the ideal romantic night.

They are the same in a relationship or marriage. They always see to please their loved ones, in a very relaxed manner. They are tolerant and capable of accepting people in their life the way they are. They are devoted and passionate. The best partner for a Libra Sun Cancer Moon is someone they can rely on, someone mentally and emotionally strong, but not stiff and strict.

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

They need a person who would like to spend the life with them and be by their side in good and the bad. Their ideal partner is relaxed, practical and gentle. Libra Sun Cancer Moon people are relaxed and balanced personalities. With good aspects, all their qualities are harmonious and these people usually feel good about themselves. They are tolerant and diplomatic, but also emotional and empathic. They feel good if helping other people resolve their insecurities or actual problems.

Cancer Moon Compatibility

They do not ask anything in return; the very fact that they have helped someone fills them with joy. These people are kind and elegant, creative and imaginative. They know the difference between dreams and reality. However, delivering a birth chart was not always as simple as it is today. You can find an online service and simply have it calculated and printed.

Nevertheless, interpreting a birth chart is still a challenging task. The Sun in a natal chart is the first element to look out for. It represents your Ego, your personal traits, temperament and character.

LEO Sun Compatibility: Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces

It shapes up your attitude towards life. The Sun sign is the form in which your true self is going to manifest in real life. It is who you are and how the world sees you, for a great part.

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Cancer is a Water element sign, a cardinal sign and ruled by the planet Moon. Cancer people are imaginative, sensitive and deeply intuitive. They are capable of seeing through people and they trust their intuition more that the trust their reason. They are dreamy, often melancholic and emotionally fragile.

Cancers are well aware of their emotional sensitivity and, with good aspects, they see to use it the best way.

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They are oriented towards family and friends, having a strong need to form deep emotional bonds with people. They are people of servile nature, helpful and protective. They are, indeed, at risk of being manipulated and exploited. Cancer people enjoy humanitarian work and they like to please others. They live according to principles of love, kindness and sharing. They do not openly express their true feelings, in fear they might get hurt.

They are cautious about making connections, but once they do, it has to be deep and long lasting. They often think about past, often dwelling in the world of memories. The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer, of which we were talking. The Moon is the planet of emotions and intuitions. It is a symbol of mystical forces, spirituality and imagination. This element makes you capable of feeling the world, not only reasoning about it. The Moon is something of an inner voice you should always listen carefully.

The Moon is responsible for your mood and the way you react towards different situations in life. The Moon nurtures your sentimental, caring and understanding nature. It makes you empathic and loving. It all depends on various aspects how your Moon energy will be channeled. It is changeable element and it brings transformation. It is a good thing, because the Moon promotes flexibility. Without any adaptation, especially on an emotional level, there is no real progress and self-development.

Which means that two water signs together can mean drama. Cancer and Scorpio compatibility. Scorpio, on the other hand, is "a little too intense" for Cancerians. However, they might make for a hot match in the short-term, and their different natures mean that BDSM might be fun with Scorpio as the dominant partner, of course. Cancer and Cancer compatibility. Cancer and Taurus compatibility. In fact, Cancerians are a better fit with the earth signs , which ground their watery nature.

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility. Practical Capricorn is another good match. These signs are opposites on the zodiac, however, sometimes, opposites attract.

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Capricorns make Cancerians feel secure, while Cancerians make Capricorns feel nurtured.