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It is an excellent year to set and achieve your fitness goals. Delays may become a common part of life. At times, you may be a little confused. Ensure awareness and keep track of the proceedings around you. You may be deceived for money and effort. You would undertake frequent short trips. Consider important advice from elders at home and reliable sources before taking important decisions. Interest to achieve and enthusiasm to get involved in social activities shall keep you busy throughout the year.

There may be a lack of sound sleep. However, you would be pleased to have accomplished important things in life this year. Capricorn born is confident, Capacity to organize special events, tolerance, patience, steady and optimistic in nature. Taking up challenging tasks and completing them within a given targeted time is important for a Capricorn. Unfavorable Months: April, July, August, September, November, December during these months you are advised to pray to your favorite deity and perform recommended rituals. Things like marriage, career, business, courage, real estate, selfless service, inheritance, unexpected gains, etc.

All through the year, they will be in the pink of health. In October, November, and December income flow would be good.

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But it is not advisable to make speculations or go in for unwanted expenditure. They should also refrain from exhibiting their prowess unnecessarily. January to May would be rather dull when it comes to marriage, courage, career, and expenses. There might be problems in business and less harmony among partners.

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Times will be tough for realtors, and successful real estate transactions are unlikely. Overall, would bring positive outcomes in health, income, and progress in the profession. However, they should not indulge in wasteful expenses like hosting lavish parties and buying luxuries. Career: In June, July, August, and September, they will be appreciated for their dedication, discipline, and devotion.

They may get rewards in the form of hikes, promotions, and transfers. During this period, business would also be good, and there will be harmony between partners. Both the salaried and businesspeople would display great courage. Love Relationship: It is a smooth period for people looking for life partners, especially during June, July, August, and September and marriage alliances could fructify.

The effort to success ratio would be good. But the rest of the year may not be very favorable. Love between partners may be negatively affected. They should be more caring and affectionate towards their partner. Finance: Finances will be impressive during the last quarter of the year. There will be good income flow from multiple sources. Expenses would go down significantly. All this means that your finances will be steady and stable. But this does not apply for the initial part of the year when expenses will be high, career unstable and bank balance less.

They need more focus and concentration to meet their goals. Those trying for a student visa to go abroad will find the period rather difficult. Students who have applied for scholarships too may face some problems. But they are likely to excel in competitions.

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Health: Health will be generally good all through the year. People who have ailments would find this year conducive for recovering from poor health. New diseases and disorders are less likely to afflict them. They should refrain from unhealthy or unhygienic habits, like consuming junk or stale food to prevent health problems, especially during the last quarter of the year October, November, and December.

Unfavorable Months: January, February, March, April During these months they should pray to their favorite deity and perform the recommended rituals.

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Capricorn General: This is going to be an active period for you. But the eighth house also rules deeper realms: metaphysics, spirituality and not mere physical bonding but soul-merging! While el Sol might be satisfied with some superficial yet HOT sensual connection, Saturn will not settle for a booty call or fall fling.

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