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In North America, the edited dub premiered on Cartoon Network on August 30, , with only the first 32 episodes airing before the show was cancelled. In addition to this, ADV also released a separate DVD series featuring the original, uncut Japanese version of the show with English subtitles, which also included a new, uncut dub with a different voice cast than the one used by DIC.

ADV's dub, in addition to being uncut, also kept all of the original music and featured dub scripts that were much closer to the original Japanese dialogue. The first 60 episodes were released in this way. In early , the uncut version was reissued in two box sets, and ADV had expressed an interest in releasing the rest of the series uncut and completing their uncut dub. However, ADV shut down and ceased operations later that year.

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A third English dub, also uncensored, was released on Netflix on October 15, This dub utilizes the same voice cast as that of Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya. As of October 18, , 41 episodes have been dubbed. On April 1, , Saint Seiya Omega aired with a total of 97 episodes, ending its run on March 30, As an anime original story, it does not take place in the continuity of Kurumada's manga. Yoshiharu Ashino was announced as the director, and Eugene Son among others as the writers. The first season would follow the Galaxian Wars arc to the Silver Saint arc with twelve episodes.

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This special is just a detailed flashback to Gemini Saga 's assassination attempt on the newborn Athena. The first novel was released in Japan on August 23, , [38] while the second was released on December 16, Four animated feature films were shown in Japanese theaters from to Toru was not allowed to say anything more. Despite the first movie being released in , none of the movies received an official English release in North America until it was announced by Discotek in that they had acquired the home video rights to the first four movies and intended to release them across two DVDs, each containing two movies.

In , the French magazine AnimeLand published an interview with Masami Kurumada where the author revealed that a company in Hollywood had approached him some years prior with a fifteen-minute pilot of a live-action movie of Saint Seiya.

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The project was abandoned as Kurumada did not feel the essence of the series had been preserved. In a later interview published in the reporter was allowed to see the video and commented on how the names of the main characters were changed and noted that one of them, Andromeda Shun had been changed from male to female. On June 21, , Legend of Sanctuary was released. It was produced by Toei to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. These are a series of original video animations OVAs that cover the last arc of the manga, which was not previously adapted into anime.

The first 13 episodes were broadcast on Animax a Japanese pay-per-view channel from November 9, to April 12, , [48] and then released on DVD during the year This OVA series was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, still with animation character designs by Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno, while the scripts were adapted from the manga this time by Michiko Yokote , and the soundtrack was entirely taken from Yokoyama's work on the previous TV series. Two years after the first part of the Hades saga, Chapter Sanctuary, a second part was produced in However, most of the original voice actors did not reprise their roles, aside from Hideyuki Tanaka as the narrator.

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The last pair were released on February 18, Shortly after their TV broadcasting, which lasted for 2 months, the episodes were released on DVD in Toei Animation officially announced the news on its website on July 18, An original net animation series titled Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold began streaming in The story retells the Sanctuary and Poseidon chapters. As of May , Masami Kurumada announced in his website that a new Saint Seiya musical was in the works. Several video games have been released based on the series.


Most video games refer mainly to the classic series from A selection is listed below:. Saint Seiya began to be known in the West as Knights of the Zodiac after it became successful in France at the end of the s, where it was given the name of Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque.

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  • This was also the very first release of the series outside Asia, in The series was also broadcast starting from in Italy, under the title of "I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco" following the French renaming. This edition is known to differ substantially from other foreign editions of Saint Seiya , not only because many names of characters, places, and fighting techniques were changed, but especially because the whole tone of the dialogues was modified to become more aulic and ceremonious, in step with the tone of the ancient epic Greek drama, and with occasional quotations from various pieces of poetry and classical literature; the main characters were also given adult voices in the dubbing, instead of teenage voices.

    The series was also released in Spanish-speaking countries, under the title of "Los Caballeros del Zodiaco" again, following the French renaming , enjoying great success in both Spain and Latin America. In , the three acts of the original anime Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon arcs were aired again on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block.

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    • Starting in , the Hades arc was also aired, with new dubbing. In the mids a line of Saint Seiya action figures, called Saint Cloth Series, were produced by Bandai , featuring most of the series characters. Starting in , for their popular gashapon high-quality PVC figurines line, Bandai released several Saint Seiya themed sets, each one containing an average of 5 figurines. Seven sets were released, the sixth of which was a Special release that included the 12 Gold Saints. Originally, only the five main Bronze Saints wearing their Cloths from the Poseidon Arc would be released, in commemoration of the Hades arc of the manga being animated, but were so well received that they decided to continue the line and it continues to sell very well internationally.

      The line seems to be nowhere near its end. It differed from the original gashapon line in that the figurines were poseable and their armor could be removed. Five sets, each containing five figurines, were released. Each set includes an average of five figures, and four sets have been released to date.

      More recently, the Japanese hobby figurine and collectible manufacturer Megahouse released in a line of very high-quality, non-poseable resin figures named Saint Seiya Excellent Model, which are part of the line Excellent Model, composed of various well-known characters from manga and anime. Three volumes have been released so far, each one containing 6 figures. Nine figures have been released so far.

      Both sets include seven figures, set 1 is slated for release in July [64] and set 2 is slated for release in September The original manga of Masami Kurumada has sold over 25 million copies in Japan as of , [69] and over 35 million copies as of It was considered one of the biggest anime phenomenons of the s.

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      They also praised the grand soundtrack and director Shigeyasu Yamauchi's ability to stretch out the tension and chose the perfect places to stop an episode to keep audiences waiting for the next one. Clements and McCarthy did, however, find the series disturbing in that its main emotional impact comes from the audience seeing "older boys and men fighting brave but naive teenagers" and through victories earning more weapons. This allowed "an incredible number" of pairings, although Andromeda Shun was one of the more popular characters to create yaoi for. Tite Kubo , the author of the manga series Bleach , considers Saint Seiya to be one of his biggest inspirations for the designs of the different types of weapons that his characters use in the story as well as the battle scenes.

      In the NHK ranking: "Best Anime ", celebrating a century of Japanese Animation, the Japanese voted the "Classic Anime Saint Seiya ", making it the rd place among the more than 5, Japanese animations produced in the first century, resulting the rd Anime of all time preferred by Japanese fans, also "Anime Classic of Saint Seiya" is the animated product of Saint Seiya preferred by fans of the Japan.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the manga series. For its title character, see Pegasus Seiya. Takao Koyama — Yoshiyuki Suga — Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network Anime Network.

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