Gemini horoscope rising sign

This was obviously too narrow, and Naylor soon invented the kind of popular astrology most of us know now.

Gemini Ascendent- The Magician (Natal Gemini Rising)

Sun sign astrology was born from compromise. Naylor condensed the vastness of astrology to fit copy guidelines and produce content applicable to all readers. But your sun sign has no bearing on your houses at all.

This is the portion of the sky, as laid out by the zodiac, that was on the eastern horizon at the minute of your birth. To find your ascendant sign, calculate your birth chart at Astro. The sun is our ego, our sense of self.

The Ascendant in Astrology

The moon is our gut, the instinct with which we process the world. Our rising sign is how we appear to others. The way we express solar energy is modified by the sun's appearance at our birth. Herman B Wells and I make great visual examples as morning babies.

A Sun, Moon, And Rising Zodiac Sign Explainer That Will Help Astrology Make So Much More Sense

The sun rose in the sky in or near the sign that was on the horizon when we we born. Be careful not to take on more tasks than you can humanly handle. Instead of scarfing down Halloween candy by the handful, take stronger steps to bolster your immune system. Ramp up your self-care during the retrograde and get enough sleep. Your rest periods are as important as—if not more important than—your hours of productivity. Make a point of adding more passion and glamour to your life the first week of the month. Both love planets are orbiting Libra and your amorous, flamboyant fifth house, with Mars here from October 3 to November 19 and Venus riding shotgun until October 8.

The cosmic lovebirds only harmonize like this every other year, making this is a wonderful opportunity to balance your own yin-yang energy or restore equilibrium to a teetering relationship. Go ahead and primp and get dressed up for dates—anything that dials up the sense of old-Hollywood romance will do you a world of good. The fifth house rules playfulness and creativity, meaning not every activity has to revolve around relationships. This is also your fertility sector, so keep that in mind when you are in amorous spirits—i. When Venus relocates to Scorpio and your organized sixth house on October 8, you may be summoned to come down from the cloud or exit the drama and return your focus to more practical matters.

Just remember to give equal weight to YOUR needs, especially for good food, stimulating movement and self-care.

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This Venus transit could spark a connection with someone you meet through outdoorsy or healthy pursuits or while volunteering. Lead with your creativity, Gemini! While the Sun is in Libra until October 23, your expressive fifth house is on fire. And with action-planet Mars visiting Libra from October 3 until November 19, some of those clever nuggets might just be worth their weight in side-splitting gold. This is a brilliant transit for you, Twin, one that feels both playful and purposeful.

Forget about fitting in and just be the provocateur you are! Your serious side is also making an appearance. Mental Mercury starts an extended visit to Scorpio on October 3, sharpening your wits as it marches through your sixth house of wellness and organization. Success is often a culmination of body, mind and spirit. Need a primer on how creativity and work ethic align? Then, take just a drop of that inspo and up your self-care game with whole foods, ample rest and daily movement.

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But get everything sorted quickly! This heart-centric angle can dial up your compassion without distracting you from what needs to get done.

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  • Shop ELLE. So reading your sun sign horoscope makes a whole lot of sense. Your rising sign dictates who you are on the surface. Because of this, if you just met someone and guessed their sign, chances are you would guess their rising before their sun. And because our lives are greatly affected by how others relate to us, your rising sign has a huge impact on your daily experience.