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Notification Center. Indian astrology sees Venus Jupiter conjunction as something very beautiful and wonderful. When these two attractive planets appear together in the sky, you will find them present a beautiful sight to the eyes. However, we are now concerned with the favourable benefits to the horoscope of the individuals caused by Venus Jupiter conjunction. Non-threatening Astrology pundits in the Indian tradition treat Venus Jupiter conjunction as one of the most non-threatening planetary aspects.

Once you have tis conjunction happening in your horoscope, you will become a peace-loving individual.

The Major Aspects in Astrology

You will become an embodiment of generosity and harmony. In addition to being pro-active in preventing disputes, you will take lead in resolving any kind of conflicts. Finer aesthetic sense When your horoscope is governed by Venus Jupiter conjunction, your aesthetic sense will be fine-tuned. Imagine the Earth being at the center of the circle. Then imagine a line being drawn from two planets each to the Earth, so that the Earth is the vertex of the angle. The number of degrees between the two lines connecting two planets with respect to the Earth forms the angular relationship — the aspect — between the two planets.

Aspects are considered not only for the planets, Sun, and Moon, but also for the points of the Ascendant and the Midheaven.

Planetary Aspects In Astrology: Conjunct, Square, Trine & More

In this example image, the Sun and the Moon are in "square" aspect. However, astrologers do not label aspects like that, for that would be a tangled mess of lines in the birth chart.

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Instead, the angular relationships are denoted by a single line connecting the two planets in aspect. Thus, in any astrology chart, the square aspect will be denoted by a line like the red one in the image above.

Conjunction Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

Certain degrees of angularity are very important in astrology. They are called the "major aspects. Now, aspects are given a margin in which they have an influence. This margin of influence is called an " orb " in astrology. An allowable orb is the amount by which the two planets involved can deviate from the exact number of degrees of the aspect and still be considered to have an aspect influence.

As you'll see below, each aspect can be defined as a circle divided by a number.

The sextile will be two signs apart, the trine will be four signs apart, and the opposition will be six signs apart. Many pages can be written describing the dynamics of each aspect, but here we will brief. Keep in mind that as you grow in your knowledge of astrology, and as you gain experience in interpreting charts, you can add your own insight into how the aspects are manifested.

This is a very dynamic aspect, since it marks a strong focalized potential for expression along with a tendency for direct action and self-dramatization. The two planets in conjunction are blended together, fused, and intensified. Planets in conjunction must be interpreted as a blend in which the planets work together.

This can be a good thing if the two planets get along like say, Venus and the Moon , but it can be inharmonious if the two planets are incompatible like say, Mars and Neptune. It represents an easy flow of opportunities or ideas that, if acted upon, will help realize the individual's goals. It can also indicate talents.

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This is a harmonious aspect in which the energies of the planets involved collaborate well and work comfortably together. However, while this is traditionally a positive aspect, it is not dynamic. This aspect is rather passive, and it does not necessarily bring an impetus to do anything. The sextile aspect can be characterized as a lack of friction. This is usually pleasant, but can sometimes go unnoticed. There could be a Yoga or a planetary combination forming due to the conjunction but if a malefic planet is operational in the same house, the Yoga may not fructify for the native.

On the other hand, when multiple weak or malefic planets get together in a house, presence of a benefic could balance the situation. Nevertheless, its power would be low due to malefic influence so the horoscope can only be considered average. Conjunction of multiple planets in one house indicates the focus area of your life - the house where most of the planets are placed. Nevertheless, there could be some misbalance in the personality of the native due to the strong pull of a single house. The lord of house where conjunction of planets takes place is also under the spotlight.

If it is positioned well, it casts a benefic influence upon the native. It tends to make other planets strong too. However, if it is weakly posited or under malefic influence, it may only deem negative results and may worsen the situation. Before we discuss the impact of various planetary combinations, take a look at the chart below.

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The conjunction of planets in this chart takes place in the 11th house governing income and expansion so the focus of the native would be on expanding income. Mercury being the lord of 5th house education would boost earnings from intellect and learning. Moon is the lord of 6th house difficulties and is placed in Sagittarius in the 11th, so the native will struggle, but will put in hard work and beat competition to shoot off income.