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If you would like to know your rising sign, Susan can analyze your chart and explain it to you in easy to understand terms.

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For information, see www. Choose your sign and then one to pair it with. You'll receive a detailed analysis of how all the elements of your horoscope interact and influence this pairing. My match is New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. You can also spend a lot of time on numbers and budgets, because the financial aspect of projects is not anecdotal for you.

On the contrary, you are looking to lower the fixed costs thanks to the other! They do not need to overdo it or turn all the heads. The important thing is that you can build a relationship of trust. In any case, you take your guarantees: this ideal partner needs to tick all the boxes. They must, above all, reassure you, be pragmatic, reasonable and sincere.

Pisces Ascendant Astrology - Love, Relationships, Career, Marriage Prediction

If others find it a bit bland, boring, or pampering, that's their problem. Even their appearance does not need to be outstanding.

Behavior of the Descendant Virgo

The important thing is that they are serious and have a good pedigree. Even if you evolve in life without a preconceived plan, it is often in a very logical way that meeting someone is important. Since you have to study the other in their daily element, so that you have an objective "photograph" of their qualities.

With this position, there is a good chance that important meeting s will take place in your most prosaic daily life: shopping, but above all, in the office, or even when you undertake an administrative procedure Or, within collectors' clubs or libraries. If most of the time you know how to keep it right, and therefore only break in very rare cases, when disputes happen, they are because one of you will get stuck on details.

But details that suddenly take on an unexpected dimension and become blocking points. One can thus imagine that the drift begins with reproaches and in this position, the words strike easily.

Your Pisces Ascendant is silent, while the other awaits to get even. Forced to explain, you can show the evil face of Virgo: you point out all the imperfections and you devalue the story, without the slightest feeling. Or it is the other that behaves this way Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. I accept.

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